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Basmati Rice

Ingredients: Uncooked Basmati rice Red Pepper, diced. Green Pepper, diced Red Onion, diced Scallions, diced and chopped Garlic, diced Olive oil Beef broth Baby peas   Combine first seven ingredients in large saucepan. Add beef broth. Cook twenty minutes over medium heat, stirring occasionally. Add baby peas when the rice is done. Simmer just until […]

To-Die-For Coleslaw Recipe

Ingredients: Cabbage, shredded Carrots, shredded Red cabbage, shredded Mayonnaise Sugar White vinegar Celery seed Salt Onion Garlic, diced Parsley, finely chopped   Take shredded cabbage and mix it with carrots, red cabbage and mayonnaise. Mix sugar, white vinegar, celery seed and salt separately in a bowl. Mix well with other ingredients. Combine shaved onion and […]

Spring Mix Salad Recipe

Ingredients: Bag of Spring Mix with any or all of the below: Cucumber Cherry Tomatoes Tomato, cut up Carrot, shredded Mushrooms, sliced Water chestnuts Bamboo shoots Red, green and/or yellow peppers, thinly sliced Ginger Snow peas Bean sprouts Onion, sliced Baby corn Toss and serve with your choice of dressing.

Healthy Eating Starts at an Early Age

As a parent, I believe it is vital to educate children on the importance of healthy eating so that they can make smart decisions on their own one day. But in a culture where life revolves around quick fixes and getting the most “bang for your buck,” health-conscious habits aren’t always our first priority. I […]