Savory Holiday Meal Inspiration

Like a birthday or anniversary, the holiday season is a special time of year when you don’t have to feel guilty about indulging in sweet treats and decadent meals. After all, it’s a time to enjoy yourself with the people and things you love most. (And can serve as an opportunity to reward yourself for the good eating habits you’ve been keeping all year long!)

When it comes to creating the perfect holiday meal, there are certain ingredients that you can use in your cooking to really give your dishes that holiday sparkle. In case you are still deciding on a Christmas dinner menu, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite, rich and delicious dish ideas perfect for the holidays!

The first dish that comes to mind is whole roasted mallard duck – what a treat! Prepare this with dark Swiss cherry kirschwasser (a fruit brandy also known as kirsch) and crushed walnuts and you’ll never look back. The sweet liquor and roasted walnuts really add a holiday feel to this meal.

Christmas Duck On Holiday Table
Cherry BrandyWalnuts On Wood











Some side dish recommendations to compliment the duck include:

Fiddlehead ferns – This unique vegetable is sure to intrigue your guests. Fiddleheads are traditionally served in New England and Canada and can be steamed or boiled.

fiddlehead ferns (source)

Potato gnocchi – This rich Italian classic is warm and comforting. Try cooking the gnocchi in your extra duck stock to really make it stand out.


Dark German bread (with butter pecan spread) – I love the taste of dense, grainy German bread. Crush up some pecans to add to your butter for a special crunch.

German Dark Wheat Bread over white in restaurant or kitchen.

So, what will you be cooking this holiday season?

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