Chicken Shashank


Olive oil

Eggs, beaten

All-purpose flour



Salt and Pepper

Lemon juice

Chicken cutlets

Fresh Mozzarella, diced

Red onion, shaved

Tomato, sliced

White wine

Pre-heat oven to 350˚

Pound the chicken cutlets thin then dust with flour. Dip into the eggs and then liberally cover the cutlets in the breadcrumbs. Combine the mozzarella, red onion and tomato in a large mixing bowl and set aside. Heat the olive oil in large sauté pan to medium-high. When you see a faint wisp of smoke come from the pan, sear the chicken for thirty seconds on each side. Place the chicken in a baking pan. In the sauté pan, combine butter, lemon juice and white wine. Heat until the butter melts. Pour the butter mixture over the chicken cutlets in the baking pan. Place the chicken in the oven for ten minutes. Take the chicken out of the oven and place each cutlet on a plate. Top each piece neatly with some of the salad mixture. Serve with any side of your choice.